Ultimate Performance-Blazing

Con esto podras aumentar la fluidez en nuestro dispositivo.
Funciona en cualquier rom cyanogenmod,

Instrucciones de uso

Abrir CTR Recovery - Install from SD Card - Reinicia

Combination Of Top 4 Performance Engines!
1.Pure Peformance X(Zeno Edition) By Jeeko
2.Broadcom Booster By jynprojects
3.Adrenaline Engine By ImbaWind
4.Fly-On Mod By Slaid480
- Full memory management/Better multitasking.
- Linux kernel tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
- Less lags for gamers.
- Entropy generator engine used to reduce lags.
- Zipalign apps in "/system" and apps in "/data" every 24 hours which result in less RAM usage.
- Sqlite optimizations and faster database access.
- CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
- Better thermal management and less overheating.
- Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB for faster SD card read and write
- Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
- Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
- Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
- Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
-GPU Tweaks added for better gaming experience
-Zipalign at each Boot for better performance
-Media Server Killer
-CPU Boost Scripts
- Lag reduction
- I/O Tweaks
-VM Tweaks
And Much More!

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